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Look Out, Your VW Golf R Could Explode!

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Fuel-line leak recall also affects certain Audi A3s and TTs

Do you drive a new Volkswagen Golf R, Audi A3, or Audi TT? Then you might want to watch out, because your car could be leaking fuel into the engine bay.

According to two recall notices issued by the National Highway Transportation Administration, a quick-connector could detach from the fuel supply line, leading to a fuel leak. And given that the engines onto which that fuel could leak are designed to burn gasoline, that could potentially cause a fire – which, suffice it to say, would not be a good thing.

The problem has been narrowed down to just 1,620 vehicles in the United States, including examples of the Golf R hot hatch, A3 sedan and carbiolet, and TT coupe and roadster – all from the 2018 model years.

With 820 units, the A3 sedan accounts for the proverbial lion's share of those vehicles being recalled. The Golf R accounts for another 516 units, the TT coupe 128, the A3 cabrio 105, and the TT roadster the final 51 units. The range of production dates varies from one model to the next, but extends from March 9 to August 8 of this year.

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Only three percent of those vehicles are estimated to have the defect, so we're looking at a rather small cross section. As of the end of last month, Volkswagen had sold 3,380 examples of the Golf R in the United States so far this year, and Audi moved 17,513 units in the A3 family, with another 1,273 TTs. This out of 322,017 total Volkswagen and 200,558 total Audis sold in the first twelve months of 2018.