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Look What A Bear Did To This Poor Subaru

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Welcome to (hungry) bear country.

There are certain parts of the US where this is a problem. Denver, Colorado is clearly one of those places. According to CBS 4 Denver, a hungry bear that recently awoke from a winter of hibernation slumber broke into a resident's Subaru Forester in search of a snack. The Subaru's owner, Cate Siegel, was on her way to work late last week when she discovered both her car and the garage door were open.

"There was a garage opener in the car, (he) must have stepped on it and opened the garage door, but luckily our trash had just been taken out," she said. The car wasn't actually parked inside the garage, which was awfully convenient for the bear, but there was something specific that attracted the bear in the first place. What was it? Gummy bears.

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Siegel actually lives in the mountains so it's not unusual for bears to come looking for food. Keeping the trash secure is not easy so it's not unusual for a hungry bear to go looking for a snack there. But Siegel is typically very careful when it comes to leaving stuff in the car. Typically, you don't. Plain and simple. Don't leave food in the car whenever it's parked outside, or else.

However, this one time Siegel slipped. She left a wrapped gift basket filled with assorted candy, including the gummy bears, locked in the car overnight. From the outside, the damage is actually fairly minimal. Inside, however, is a different story.

The bear not only got its gummy bear fix, but also managed to exit the Subaru and head back into the woods before it could have been scared away. "I assume he's not too big because he was able to get into my car and maneuver around," she said. "Gummy bears… his own kind, I guess," she laughed. Fortunately, Siegel is taking the whole incident in good stride and, above all, no one was hurt, including the bear. "Lesson learned," is all she could say at the end.