Look What A French Street Artist Did To This Corvette C7.R

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Comic book inspired and Le Mans bound.

Art cars. Either you like them or you don't. BMW is often most associated with commissioning artists who go to great lengths to paint cars with one-of-a-kind liveries. However, France's Larbre Competition, known for racing Corvette C7.Rs, hired French street artist Ramzi Adek to give its 2017 Le Mans entry some extra style. The LMGTE Am class #50 Corvette C7.R is the result and it looks brilliant. The livery has a superhero theme, featuring many comic book references.

Adek even imagined the car's three drivers as superheroes, which helped inspire the final result. "I got the impressions that I was the fourth driver of the team, and could motivate them even further," Adek stated. Adek even lived for a time in the US and "was inspired by the warmth and enthusiasm of comics with DayGlo colors and striking onomatopoeia. These are in fact messages directed to the rivals of Larbre – when the Corvette C7.R overtakes another competitor, he will get a 'BOOM' right in the face!" This year's 24 Hour of Le Mans will mark Larbre's 24th entry in the grueling endurance race.

In 2011 and 2012, the team scored class wins with a Corvette C6.R, so hopefully history will repeat itself this year with a new Corvette C7.R that will certainly stand out from the rest of the pack.

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