Look What Happened To This Corvette Grand Sport After Driven Only 15 Miles


It's definitely missing something. You know, like a complete front end.

Just because someone has the money doesn’t mean they have the skills and temperament to drive a powerful sports car like the 2019 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport. Take what’s left of this once gorgeous Sebring Orange 460 hp ‘Vette as an example. Clearly it has some very serious front end damage, so it may or may not be salvageable. We're leaning towards the latter. The remains are currently up for sale on Copart. Looking more closely at the photos, it looks like the damage is limited to the front, which is good news for anyone in the market for a Corvette Grand Sport rear spoiler and other accessories.

Although it has an estimated retail value of just over $70,000, the highest bid, as of this writing, is $20,600, so clearly it’s not a complete loss (in terms of parts). Is the car totaled? More than likely, but its parts are worth some dough. Unfortunately, we don’t know the circumstances behind the crash, unlike last week’s McLaren 720S that crashed only 24 hours after its owner drove it home.

Given this Corvette Grand Sport is a 2019 model with only 15 miles on its odometer, its life probably ended under similar circumstances. The interior photos indicate the crash was serious enough for the airbags to deploy, so it sounds like the new owner past owner was having a little too much fun but didn’t have the capability to handle all of that power going to the rear wheels.

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As for the condition of the 6.2-liter LT1 V8, we simply don’t know. However, the block appears to be salvageable, and that alone is worth a few thousand bucks. Various other engine components can probably be saved. But this whole thing is still a shame. Only 15 miles. This Corvette Grand Sport had so much more life left.