Look What Happens When a Smart ForTwo Crashes Head-On to S-Class

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It's a bit of a mess.

Having just pulled the wraps of its new city car, Smart is looking to demonstrate the latest ForTwo's strength and safety by smashing it in head-on into a Mercedes S-Class. The aim of the in-house test is to show how Benz's 75 years of car-building expertise has contributed to the safety of the little Smart. Both cars are travelling at 31 mph, with the Smart and Mercedes colliding across a 50 percent frontal overlap in order to apply more stress to the Smart's "Tridon" safety cell, designed to direct energy around the passenger space.

At 2308 kg, the S-Class weighs twice as much as the 1,124 kg Smart ForTwo – which as you'll see from the video holds up very well to the impact. Still, we know which car we'd rather be driving.

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