Look What Happens When You Reinvent The Porsche 911's Iconic Design


Dubbed the Porsche 901.

Ever since the Porsche 911 first debuted back in 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the iconic sports car has captivated gearheads across the world. In its over 50-year history, every new generation has seen an evolutionary approach to the design. Never revolutionary. But what if a designer came along with the freedom to reinterpret the beloved 911? That's exactly what industrial designer Ege Arguden has done with his awesome Porsche 901 Concept.

The aim of Porsche 901 was to go back to the roots and capture the essence of the original 911," Arguden explained. "The design process started by analyzing the original 911. Both in size and individual design elements I tried to capture 911 in a new way. Signature design elements of 911 such as round headlights and organic body shape was necessary to achieve my goal, yet I tried to modernize these elements with subtle changes."

Source Credits: www.carbodydesign.com

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