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Look What Hurricane Barry Did To This Dodge Charger

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It didn't stand a chance against Mother Nature.

As Hurricane Barry dumps "life-threatening" rain (more than 20-inches!) over the states of Louisiana and Mississippi as it makes landfall, other neighboring states and its residents are also falling victim. One of those victims is Garrett Young. Actually, Young is fine; his 2013 Dodge Charger Daytona is not. According to the Mobile, Alabama Fox 10 News affiliate, Young mistakenly parked his car on part of a beach that was overtaken by sand. Consequently, the car was also soon covered in sand.

What started as a vacation on Dauphin Island has ended in disaster. "It's crazy seeing it happen," is all Young could say after the fact. The Charger was stuck partially submerged on the beach. Not even a tow truck could yank it out. And because of the rising tide, water soon filled the inside.

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"The tire right here, it just sunk down because of the frame it just continued to sink in," Young said. "You can't help but be upset. We got out here we did everything we could, we broke a couple straps trying to get it out." Sadly, nothing Young and crew did could beat back Mother Nature. "After an hour of watching the sand get higher and higher and higher, you can't do much and it's just helpless," Young added. The obvious good news is that no one was hurt or trapped in the car, but it's still emotionally draining to see your beloved ride get ravaged like this.

No matter what you try to do it'll never be enough. Perhaps Young should have also known better. It's not like Hurricane Barry struck without warning. The weather reports clearly indicated where there was going to be trouble. While it may not have been necessary to call off the vacation plans, it would have been wise to at least park the vehicle further away at a safe distance.