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Look What This Guy Did To His Bugattis

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The camo-wrapped hypercars belong to a DJ from the Netherlands.

We'd imagine there are a few Bugatti owners who have both a Veyron and a Chiron in their climate-controlled, marble-lined garages. Maybe even a couple of them had theirs both done up in the same colors. But we doubt there are any who have both their Alsatian hypercars wrapped in the same blue camouflage like these two.

The pair is owned by a Dutch DJ who goes by the name of Afrojack – and is apparently very successful, given that we're looking at several million dollars' worth of metal (or carbon fiber) here.

The wrap he had applied to both by JD Customs certainly isn't subtle, but we kinda dig it. As you can see, it's made up of two tones of blue – something of a Bugatti signature – like you might see on a naval sailor's fatigues, but with flashes of orange just to keep it from blending in to the scenery entirely (as camouflage is designed to do). For better or worse, it can assuredly be removed once the DJ gets tired of it, hopefully leaving their original paint jobs intact.

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Underneath the vinyl are what appear to be a standard Chiron (as opposed to the newer Chiron Sport) and a Veyron Vitesse roadster. That's arguably the ultimate version of the Veyron made, combining the removable roof of the Grand Sport with the more potent engine from the Super Sport.

Just why the owner's elected to keep both – and dress them up the same – and just how he'd decide which one to drive on a given day, we couldn't say. But tastes can be eccentric, especially when you're dealing with multimillionaire creative types.