Look What This Terrible Ford Mustang Driver Did

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Drivers everywhere are known to end up in strange situations because of their lack of skills and outright poor judgment. Sometimes the results are dangerous. Other times it can be quite funny. This is one of the latter.

According to the Daily Hive, a late model Ford Mustang somehow got stuck on the stairs at the University of British Columbia last weekend. There doesn't seem to be any exterior damage to the muscle car, but we wouldn't be surprised to learn the underbody took a hit. Another photo was shared on Twitter where users continue to wonder how the hell this happened.


Oddly enough, this isn't the first time a car mistook this specific set of university steps for something else, like a parking spot. Back in 2017, four different cars, including a VW Jetta, Mercedes SUV, and a taxi got stuck in this same place over a two-week time period. The drivers must have figured they could successfully drive down what's only a few stairs without incident. Clearly, they were wrong.

A university spokesperson says they're very much aware of the incident and are investigating. They "are reviewing it as [we] look to improve safety on our campus. We would ask all drivers to pay close attention to signs indicating roads and pedestrian pathways."

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The report goes on to say the Mustang was stuck on the stairs for around an hour before it was successfully removed. A couple of students, one of whom might have been the driver/owner, were seen inspecting the aftermath. If we had to make guess what happened, we'd say all of the drivers were looking for a shortcut. University campuses can be difficult to drive in due to a large number of pedestrians and cyclists.

This can result in roads placed on the edges of campus, instead of directly through it. University officials here may end up closing down this stretch of road permanently for one very obvious reason.

Source Credits: Daily Hive

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