Looking Back at the Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra has become a legend to countless enthusiasts worldwide.

It’s been off the market for over a decade now and despite rumors of a new Supra on the way, the originals still have legions of loyal fans everywhere. Although it may not have been its original goal when designing the Supra, Toyota nevertheless built a sports car that was reliable, had solid performance and became an immediate favorite amongst tuners and drag racers. Today we have the GT86 and Scion FR-S, but that's not as powerful as the Supra, which had a forced-induction inline six instead of a naturally-aspirated boxer four.

Above all, the Supra looked incredible, especially when equipped with the massive rear spoiler. Now our friends over at XCAR have made a wonderful tribute video to the Supra, and for the sake of a new one, we certainly hope someone at Toyota has seen it too.

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