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Looking for an American Classic? Head to South Dakota

All motored-up and no place to go.

While you probably wouldn't expect South Dakota to be thecapital of classic cars (or of anything else for that matter), the outstandinggarage at Frankman Motor Company - a local dealer with three location in SiouxFalls - may prove otherwise. The massive collection includes some breathtakingAmerican classics, like a 1949 Cadillac Fleetwood, 1961 Buick Lesabre and awhole range of other luxury and sports cars from America’s automotive goldenage.

A couple of other cars that really got our attention werethis 1956 Hudson Rambler Custom Wagon, finished in a two-tone mint-green andwhite offered at $26,875, and a 1956 Cadillac Deville Hard Top Sedan, goingfor just $12,975. If you’re in the market or just interested in seeing what’son offer, check out Frankman Motor’s site for the full range of listings.

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