Looking To Customize Your Truck? Go See These Guys In Texas

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The customized off-road truck of your dreams is totally possible.

It really comes down to two things: your imagination and budget. If you've got plenty of both, then Extreme Offroad & Performance, based in Katy, Texas, will have no problem building the off-road truck of your dreams. If you're on a tighter budget but your imagination is just as wild, then these Texan 4x4 enthusiasts will also still have absolutely no problem accommodating you. They'll find a way to work with whatever pile of dough you can bring to the table. It's also an ideal thing for this unique off-road tuning shop to be based in the Lone Star state.

Texans, in general, are wild about trucks and go to great lengths to one-up each other for the biggest, baddest, most capable off-road fun toy possible. XCAR caught up with the shop's two co-owners to discuss their specialty and passion for customization and going off-road.

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