Looks Like Apple May Be On The Verge Of Buying McLaren

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Why make your own car, when you can just buy a manufacturer outright?

From the moment we first heard of Apple's alleged plans to enter the automotive fray, we had a sneaking suspicion that the eventual tale would have a few surprise twists and turns. What ensued was a roller coaster of ups and downs as news about the car took positive and negative spins. Despite us anticipating the unexpected, though, we were incredibly surprised to see a new report from The Financial Times that claims Apple is in the process of buying McLaren outright.


Yep, you heard that right. According to the FT's various sources who are in some way close to these alleged discussions, Apple is in the process of organizing a complete buyout of - or, at the very least, a "strategic investment" in - McLaren Automotive, with The Drive further speculating that this could also end up as an acquisition of the car division's parent company, the McLaren Technology Group. Though those same sources did also suggest that it's still too early to say this deal will definitely go through, the fact discussions about this new venture have been going on for "several months" does imply that Apple will likely be involved with McLaren at some capacity in the near future.

If such a deal is eventually approved, don't worry about seeing the McLaren 'speedmark' badge replaced with the Apple logo. Instead, the FT claims Apple would be far more interested in the technology and patents currently in McLaren's ownership - further fuelling speculation that Apple could be buying the entire McLaren conglomerate, rather than just the supercar-making side of the business. Like we said earlier, it's unknown just yet whether this deal will be realized or not, but it's undoubtedly big news that such a topic is being claimed by McLaren insiders to begin with. Keep a close eye on Apple and the McLaren Technology Group, folks.


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