Looks Like Tesla's Model X Update Hasn't Fully Fixed Its Falcon Doors


At least they'll stay shut now, eh?

Of all the really clever things about the Tesla Model X, perhaps the most quirky addition it brings to the EV SUV table is its falcon door arrangement. Not only are they frigging awesome, but they're also incredibly clever, thanks to proximity sensors and the like. At least, that was the plan: owners spotted a potentially dangerous problem, and Automotive News is reporting Tesla's update to rectify it may have caused another serious issue with the doors.


Though the fix now means Tesla Model X passengers and drivers won't have to hold the doors down themselves when the car's on the move, it does appear that this new software alteration has simply made them a health and safety hazard in another area.

By adjusting the sensors in the doors, it now seems they're more likely to close - albeit with something in the door aperture. Of course, slicing through cucumbers is one thing, but there's a potentially serious health hazard here for anyone who gets arms or fingers caught as the Model X's doors close. Even though someone's already claiming the pain when the self-closing doors do shut themselves with an arm in the way "isn't as bad as I thought," it's not an entirely representative study of the kind of damage such a fault can do to, say, children. Hopefully Tesla issues another update that fixes this new issue.


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