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Looks Like The Ford Fiesta RS Isn’t Happening After All

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Not that it would have ever been sold in America anyway.

A few weeks ago, Ford Performance Europe boss Leo Roeks hinted that a high-performance Ford Fiesta RS could be on the cards, but now it looks like a range-topping RS version of the hot hatch isn't being considered after all. Amko Leenarts, head of Ford design for Europe, argued an even more powerful RS version of the Fiesta simply can't be justified since the recently launched ST is already fast enough. "We see no reason to bring a more powerful Fiesta model above the ST," he told AutoRai.nl.

"The performance of the new Fiesta ST is already at such a high level that a more powerful model is not necessary." Originally, it was suggested the flagship Fiesta could launch before the end of the decade, but it seems this is not the case. Of course, this could still change since the previous-generation Fiesta spawned a hotter ST200 version in some markets. Even if the Fiesta RS of our dreams does get the green light in the future, the chances of it arriving in America are zero. In fact, the Fiesta will soon be dead in America as part of Ford's plans to stop selling sedans and small cars by 2022. Tragically, this means the US won't be getting the fantastic next-gen Fiesta ST.

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A death warrant has also been signed for the Focus, Fusion and Taurus, but the Focus Active has been spared since it's basically a crossover. Considering the new Fiesta's platform, which is shared with the EcoSport that's being sold in the US, can now handle all-wheel drive, it's a shame an RS version has been ruled out. Then again, we don't think we could cope if it launched everywhere other than America like the new ST.