Looks Like The Long-Awaited 600-HP Lexus LS F Will Debut In Tokyo


This could be the new Lexus halo car we've been waiting for.

We’ve been craving for a new Lexus halo car for some time now since the beloved LFA finished production in 2012. This year, Lexus unveiled the new LS 500 flagship sedan, and while there is a F Sport model in the line-up packing a 415-hp twin-turbo V6, you can hardly call it a halo car. Recent rumors suggested that the luxury automaker is cooking up an even hotter version of both its flagship sedan and LC F sports coupe with a 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V8 producing over 600 horsepower for 2018.

Now that rumor seems to be all but confirmed, as an image taken from a Japanese magazine appears to show a photo of a high-performance LS F. Spotted by Lexus Enthusiasts, the magazine hints that the more hardcore Lexus LS F will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show next month. Lexus has a long history of revealing high performance cars at the show in previous years, like the flagship LC F and LFA halo car, so it appears to be continuing that trend this year. It certainly looks different from the LS F revealed earlier this year, with a more aggressive front fascia and large air intakes similar to the LC F.

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It also has much larger alloy wheels, a lower ride height and front fender vents which don’t feature on the LS F. While this could still be a rendering, it’s worth noting that the LC F also leaked via a magazine prior to its debut at the 2014 Detroit Motor Show so it could be legitimate. Rumors have been rife that Lexus has been developing a 4.0-liter V8 with over 600 hp for its flagship LC F coupe, so fitting it to the LS F sedan would make it a serious competitor to the Mercedes-AMG S63. This could finally be the new Lexus halo car we’ve been waiting for.