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Looks Like There's One Less BMW M4 GTS Left In The World

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The rare M4 GTS just got even more rare.

BMW just ended production on the limited edition M4 GTS. The Bavarian automaker was slotted to build around 700 units of the GTS, but ended up with with 803 customer cars. There were also a few extra pre-production cars bringing the total up to 830. Dealership markups on the GTS were reaching insane levels, but we thought that the extra units that BMW built would possibly help bring the cost back down to Earth. Now, there may be reason why prices could go back up. One of the 803 customer cars was just wrecked and could be totaled.

BMW Blog reports that a Frozen Dark Grey GTS was spotted in Germany in pretty rough shape. There are conflicting stories as to how this rare car ended up in this condition. Some believe that it was being raced on the Nurburgring before hitting a sidewall, while others believe it was in a flood due to the mud on the sides. No matter what happened, the repairs are going to be extremely expensive. Since this is such a rare and valuable vehicle, the car will probably be repaired and given a salvage title. We wonder if it will still be sold for more than its MSRP even with a salvage title. At least this GTS was being used for its intended purpose on the race track.

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This is not the first time that we have seen someone crash an M4 GTS, and we have seen plenty of incidences involving a standard M4 crashing into something expensive. The GTS is definitely a good car to hoon around, but clearly it can bite when it's pushed too hard.