Lordstown Motors Quits Desert Race After 40 Miles

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The team's race truck consumed more energy than projected.

Earlier this month, Lordstown revealed an epic electric race truck that would compete in the SCORE San Felipe 250 desert race in the Mexican state of Baja California. This truck is essentially a modified version of the upcoming production Endurance pickup.

In February, Lordstown confirmed its participation in the race which marked a bold move for an electric vehicle considering the extremely harsh terrain and the stress that would be put on an electric powertrain. Lordstown's tenacity is admirable but unfortunately, its truck only managed to complete a mere 40 miles of the race which was held on April 17.

Lordstown Motors/YouTube
Lordstown Motors/YouTube
Lordstown Motors/YouTube

It's a disappointing result but rather than try to conceal the reasons for why the truck didn't go any further, Lordstown was appreciably open about the decision not to continue beyond the first leg.

Essentially, the team projected that the truck would use three times the energy over the course when compared to regular road use. In reality, it was using four times the energy. While recharging after the first stage of the race, the team concluded that they may run out of charge in a compromising area where recharging would not be possible. This is why the 65-mile second leg was abandoned.

"We didn't finish the race because the desert terrain really uses a lot of energy, more than we had anticipated," said CEO and Founder Steve Burns in a statement shared via video.

Lordstown Motors/YouTube
Lordstown Motors/YouTube

He went on to say that the fast chargers the team had brought would have been too challenging to set up in the middle of a mountain range. "We decided [it was] best not to take that leg and possibly block the trail for somebody else."

However, the team did continue testing for another 10 miles and remains upbeat about data gathered from the event. Specifically, the truck's in-wheel hub motors, drivetrain, battery pack, frame, and thermal management system all performed well in extremely harsh conditions. The truck completed the first stage of the race and remained fully intact, and one has to admire the transparency of Burns despite the imperfect end result. The production Endurance is getting closer and closer as beta versions of the truck rolled off the production line earlier this month.

Lordstown Motors
Lordstown Motors

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