Los Angeles Might Be Mad Enough To Try Elon Musk's Crazy Tunnel Idea

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When traffic is THAT bad, even the craziest ideas to get rid of it can sound good.

For anyone who has forgotten, we wanted to remind the world about one of Elon Musk's latest projects called The Boring Company. Musk was pissed off about the traffic problem in Los Angeles, and devised a new company that would dig tunnels under the city to help alleviate traffic. This idea sounded extremely convoluted, but the Tesla CEO was serious and even created a helpful video to show how the system would work. We didn't think that anything would happen, but Musk is in talks with the mayor of Los Angeles about implementing the idea.

On Twitter, Musk said that he was having "Promising conversations with @MayorOfLA regarding tunnel network that would carry cars, bikes & pedestrians." There is no official announcement on how serious the talks are, but we find it difficult to believe that the city of Los Angeles could afford to build something like this. Musk says that it is technologically possible, but that the legal clearance is the hard part. He said via Twitter that "Permits [are] harder than technology." The idea of The Boring Company sounds intriguing, but very complicated. Los Angeles would be the perfect city for a project like this, due to the city's famous traffic issues.

Depending on the time of day, a destination can take three times as long to reach because of traffic jams. In the city streets, pedestrians are not allowed to start crossing when the crosswalk is counting down because it would prevent cars from making left turns and would make the gridlock even worse. Having a car with autopilot like a Tesla or even adaptive cruise control like a Volkswagen Golf R can alleviate some of the hassle, but it is still a big issue. If Musk can really solve LA's traffic problems, then more power to him.

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