Losing Both Arms In A Crash Won't Stop This Guy From Drifting

We should all aspire to be a little more like this.

While many of us complain about the relatively minor obstacles that life places in front of us, some people have a much harder time accomplishing things than we do yet go out and do whatever it is they love to do with a nonchalant attitude as if the whims of the world couldn’t phase them. Polish drifter Bartosz Ostalowski’s mountain was the loss of his arms after a horrific accident. Instead of giving up his passion, he decided to teach himself how to drift using only his two feet. It reminds us a bit of this pro who drifts without legs.

Witness Ostalowski’s extreme talent as he pitches his car into angles that only prove that he, like a certain Koenigsegg test driver, has more talent in his left foot than most of us will ever have.

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