Lost And Wandering On Dirt Roads In Italy With An Audi R8, Ferrari F12, and Porsche 918 Spyder

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A video sure to inspire a lot of clenching.

We'll start out by saying that all three of the cars in this video came out completely unharmed, as without this disclaimer, it might cause so much anxiety as to render it unwatchable. What we're seeing, through the windshield of an Audi R8, is three supercars lost on some of the most unbelievably narrow dirt roads we've ever witnessed. Anything narrower and it wouldn't really be a road anymore, just a trail. But the drivers still manage to handle not hurting the cars.

The car in front of the Audi is pretty plainly a Porsche 918, but it's a little more difficult to tell what is at the front of the procession, so we'll tell you here it is a Ferrari F12.

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