Lotus Built An F1 Racer Mad Max Would Be Proud Of

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And it's a hybrid, which means great fuel mileage in the wasteland.

Lotus and Warner Bros. teamed up to create the ultimate post-apocalyptic F1 car. The aptly named Team Mad Max Hybrid looks like it would do just fine in an apocalyptic Australian Outback. There's the requisite skulls needed to scare off nomads and thieves. The tires are also massive and look as if they could handle off-road terrain quite well. There are also spears that are sure to impale anyone trying to board the car mid-race. According to Lotus' comments the company has seriously considered F1's apocalyptic future.

Lotus F1

The concept of producing a Formula 1 car for the ultimate challenge of the nightmare scenario of an apocalyptic society seemingly headed for oblivion. This car acknowledges the tenacious nature of Lotus F1 Team; no matter what the rules in Formula 1's future, we are here to stay and compete." That's a bit much, guys.

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