Lotus CEO Caught Going Over 100 MPH In A 70 MPH Zone


He was only doing a test drive, your honor. It's his job.

To say that Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales is enthusiast about his job would be an understatement, given the circumstances. According to The Telegraph, Gales got pulled over for speeding on the A11 freeway in the UK in early January of last year. He was doing 102 mph in a 70 mph zone and, naturally, was driving one of his company's sports cars. The exact model is unknown, but it doesn't really matter. Gales was just doing his job by making sure his company's product delivers the goods.


The police officer who pulled him over didn't agree. Because he was going 32 mph over the speed limit, Gales was forced to head to court. Fortunately for him, however, he has an amazing lawyer. His lawyer convinced the judge to let Gales go without a single point on his license because he argued it was "vital" for the CEO to test his company's products. And it's a very good thing the judge, at least in this instance, agreed with that. You see, Gales apparently has a heavy foot. He already had eight points on his license and if he was convicted of this latest infraction he very likely would have had his license revoked for up to 12 months.

However, his lawyer negotiated for a 30-day driving ban instead, so Gales isn't getting off completely on this one. He also had to pay a total of 832 GBP in fines. The court also highly suggested for Gales not to test cars on the A11 in the future, but use the company's test track instead. Wow, a CEO who isn't afraid to properly drive his company's cars in order to ensure they're up to par? Forget what the court has to say, Gales is awesome. Lotus, be proud you have the right man at the helm.


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