Lotus Could Start Building Hardcore Volvos Tuned For The Race Track


"Sorry, Polestar, we got this." -Lotus

Last week, rumors emerged that Chinese automaker Geely was in talks with Proton, Lotus' parent company to possibly acquire the British sports car maker. You may remember that Geely already purchased Volvo from Ford not too long ago. According to Autocar, Geely's chairman Shufu Li said "Lotus's parent company was seeking a partnership with other companies, but our conversations were just on the technological cooperation – we never talked about the purchase of equity."


A complete buyout seems unlikely, but an interesting partnership could yet emerge. Li denied that his brand was looking to purchase Lotus, but said that Geely was looking to partner with Lotus in some way. Li also added that he is actually a motorsports fan, but will exercise restraint. "I try to avoid that personal hobbies will influence business decisions," said Geely. We would absolutely love to see some Volvo models that are tuned by Lotus. The Polestar division has built some cool cars in the past, but Lotus is famed for its incredible chassis tuning. There have been several cars in the past that have been tuned by Lotus, like the Lotus Carlton, and this could put the company back on the map and make Volvo's truly spectacular cars to drive.


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