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Lotus Could Switch Over To Twin-Charged Engines

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These engines could come from another Geely-owned brand.

Since being taken over by Chinese automaker Geely, Lotus has turned itself around and is now making a profit. In the United States, the small British automaker only sells the Evora sports car, but is looking to add an SUV model as well as a new Esprit sports car. Though Lotus has been succeeding under Geely ownership, the company has yet to take full advantage of its parent company's assets. This could soon change, as Autocar reports Lotus may start using engines from Geely brands - Volvo, Polestar, and Lynk&Co.

Volvo only really sells one engine in the U.S. market, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder which adds a supercharged in T6 trims and a hybrid drivetrain in T8 trims. The Swedish luxury brand has other engines in other markets including diesels and a three-cylinder turbo engine, but these seem less likely for use in a Lotus sports car. It is expected that Lotus could take Volvo's engines, and use its in-house expertise to boost performance, as it currently does with Toyota-sourced engines. Volvo's twin-charged engine currently produces around 306 horsepower, with hybrid variants producing over 400 hp.

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Volvo's three-cylinder engine could help keep weight down in a new Elise sports car, and the nearly 600 hp drivetrain from the new Polestar 1 could give Lotus a nice powertrain for a flagship supercar. There is also a lot of speculation surrounding the engine for the brand's upcoming SUV. "Crossovers can be hybrid or full electric." said Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales. Gales did not rule out electrification, saying "There are some years left for combustion engines in sports cars, but maybe a mild hybrid would work." Lotus is gearing up for a renaissance, and we can't wait for the company to stop being an afterthought in the sports car segment.