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Lotus Elise Leaking Oil, Bourgeoisie Concerned

The NHTSA is looking in to reports that the Lotus Elise may have a faulty oil-cooler. A full recall is not out of the picture.

A recent report from the New York Times has shed light on some serious problems being reported about the Lotus Elise. Apparently there have been over 4,400 oil-cooler leaks on the 2005/06 Elise sports car. The troubling news has caught the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The NHTSA has launched an investigation in to Lotus' cars after several owners reported tires becoming coated with oil, which has led to handling issues and one driver even going off the road.

"The oil line released from its fitting on the front right oil cooler, wetting the tire with oil. The car spun and left the road. No damage occurred," one owner claimed. The safety administration posted a document on their website last Friday which revealed 17 official complaints from owners who said that an oil-cooler line had ruptured and spewed oil all over the wheel assemblies and engine bay. No news yet on whether or not these complaints will eventually lead to a recall, however it does appear rather serious as one owner has even claimed that his Elise caught fire. Photos displayed are of 2011 Lotus Elise.

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