Lotus Emira And Evija Immortalized As Hot Wheels Models

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Can't afford $2.2 million for the Evija hypercar? Maybe a Hot Wheels replica can fill that space in the garage.

The Lotus Emira and its all-electric big brother, the Lotus Evija hypercar, will forever be a part of Hot Wheels history as the toy company has revealed 1/64 versions of each as part of the Exotics range of Mainline models. Dima Shakhmatov, the product design manager at Hot Wheels, has explained why these new models are so special and how they were made.

The designer says that, as the Emira will be the last combustion-powered Lotus, it felt important to immortalize the car by including it in the Mainline range, which is Hot Wheels' core range of 1/64 vehicles.

Within this range are various themed series, and the Emira and Evija are both included in the "Exotics" series.

Lotus Lotus

In the 1960s, Hot Wheels made a diecast model of the Lotus Type 56 turbine IndyCar, followed in the 1980s by the "Royal Flash" Lotus Espirit. The toymaker has also created versions of the Sport Elise, the 340R, the Evora GT4, the Esprit S1, the Espirit V8, and various concepts, including the M250 and the Lotus Concept from the Designer's Challenge series, so the relationship between the two companies has been in place for a very long time.

Shakhmatov notes that because the cars sell for around $2, capturing all the complexity of these cars' designs, particularly that of the Evija with its venturi tunnels and delicate LED lights, the team had to be creative. Those tunnels, for example, are represented by yellow highlights, while the taillights are printed on.

Lotus Lotus

Like real cars, these models were thoroughly tested before launch, with the company taking each to its iconic orange tracks. Shakhmatov explains: "We wanted to keep the sweeping low front overhang and track-hugging splitter of Evija, so it's not best suited for our stunt or loop sets. That said, its low, sleek form should make it popular for flat tracks or racing around the living room. And just like the real Emira, this model is a bit more versatile but still should offer high performance."

The designer adds that EV models are just as crucial as those based on traditional sports cars: "Representation of EVs such as the Evija in our range can show the kids that future cars offer performance, desirability, and sustainability."

The scale models are now available in Seneca Blue with the Black Pack for the Emira and green and yellow for the Evija, showcasing the Lotus brand's iconic color scheme. That means you can get an Emira before those who ordered the real thing do.

Lotus Lotus Lotus

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