Lotus Emira V6 First Edition Delayed Again For US Buyers

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But on the plus side, the US allocation has been increased by 600 cars, and more special colors and carbon parts are coming.

  • US deliveries of Lotus Emira V6 First Edition delayed by emissions and safety certifications
  • Pricing remains frozen on existing V6 First Edition orders
  • Additional 600 units allocated to US
  • Seven new colors and 30 extra accessories incoming

Lotus has been forced to delay customer deliveries of the Emira V6 First Edition, with a tipster alerting CarBuzz to the delays as a result of various bureaucratic hiccups. The hold-up doesn't stem from production issues but certification problems relating to registering the cars on US soil. However, despite the bad news, there's plenty of good news for the new Lotus sports car.

The information was apparently divulged to dealers last week at a national dealer conference. It was corroborated further by a letter that CarBuzz has seen, which was sent out to some reservation holders by Lotus of Orlando. We have reached out to Lotus for comment and will update this story with any feedback we receive.

Lotus Cars
Lotus Cars

First Edition V6 Delays

Last year, we learned that Emira deliveries were facing delays due to numerous uncontrollable challenges, among which was Brexit. Following this geopolitical shift, Lotus had to homologate the European Union cars separately from the UK versions, which was why Europe got its Emiras before other countries.

Certification for different markets continues to challenge the automaker, particularly in the US, where emissions protocols and crash tests are especially strict. Lotus had to make some adjustments, adding to preexisting delays, and although Emiras will still arrive in the US at the end of July, these vehicles "will not be released to dealers until all certifications are completed." Certification is expected to be completed around weeks 42-50 of this year, which means customers can only expect their cars at some point between the middle of October and the middle of December.

Now for the good news.

Lotus Orlando

Pricing Locked, Production Increased

Production, supply chain, and logistics costs have swelled by around $14,400 per vehicle, but American and Canadian buyers who have already ordered from the first batch of First Edition models will have their pricing locked at $93,300 before options and delivery.

For those who have missed out on the First Edition on the first offering, a second batch has been announced with a further 600 examples, bringing total production for the North American spec First Edition V6 to 1,500. Pricing for these models will be slightly higher, though, starting at $105,400. This update has already been reflected on the Lotus USA configurator. That means that Lotus is absorbing roughly $2,300 of the increased cost of production, which it will presumably make back on options and custom finishes.

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Cheaper Emira Models Coming Next Year, Production Until 2028

We'll get to the new customization options momentarily, but first, let's talk about the more affordable Emira. Full pricing has still not been revealed, and with these fluctuations in market conditions and supply costs, it's likely that the price will increase above what was previously expected. Lotus has only revealed pricing for the AMG-powered First Edition, but that was a year ago, so expect a change from the originally quoted $85,900 MSRP.

Lotus will use all of 2023 to manufacture both batches of First Edition V6 models, with production of future variants (AMG-powered First Edition, regular V6, and regular 2.0-liter AMG) to begin in 2024. The AMG First Edition will be produced from January to April, followed by the base V6 from May to December and the base AMG from August to December. Naturally, these will be model year 2025 cars.

Assuming that CO2-reducing legislation does not throw a spanner in the works, Lotus expects to produce the Emira until 2028. Lotus seems to have sorted out its supply and production woes and says that the factory is working at around 80-90% of its capacity, with hundreds of units being built monthly.


Added Customization

Seven additional paint colors have reportedly been developed, and these will be offered for the second batch of First Edition V6 customers. It's still a mystery if these new colors will make their way to lesser Emira models, what they will cost, or even what they will look like, but we're told the new shades will be added to the ultra-realistic Lotus online configurator "in the coming weeks."

In addition, Lotus Advanced Performance will soon offer bespoke customization options for the Emira, potentially launching this program by this time next year. LAP is also working on "around 30 different vehicle accessories," including a sports exhaust and various carbon fiber upgrades. We suspect some of these will be inspired by the aero of the track-only Emira GT4.


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