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Lotus Evija Will Have A Very Different New Logo

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Keeping with the 'simplify and add lightness' theme.

News out of Lotus has been pretty slow for the last several years. Every now and again, the small sports car maker would deliver news of a slightly updated Evora model. But Lotus finally has some new products on the way, including a world-beating electric hypercar called the Evija and an improved version of its current flagship called the Evora GT.

As it starts a new chapter, Lotus thought it was time to pen a new take on the famous roundel (pictured below), which hasn't changed much since 1989.

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Lotus made the logo change during an announcement for a multi-year partnership with Norwich City Football Club. The partnership sees the club's training facility and Academy renamed to the Lotus Training Center and The Lotus Academy as well as Lotus branding on the team's 'walk-out' jackets. The launch of the Evija was the first step in the company's investment plan over the next few years to expand its product range and become a global competitor to the likes of Porsche.

"Lotus is a brand born for and out of performance and competition, so this partnership is perfect for both parties. Together Lotus and Norwich City Football Club share core values - commitment, passion, focus, hard work, a winning mindset - and the success that flows from them," said Simon Clare, Executive Director, Global Marketing, Lotus.

The recently-revealed Evija actually features the old roundel, but will likely bear the new logo when it arrives in production guise. "We've looked back at the original Lotus roundel and thought about Colin Chapman's philosophy - to simplify and add lightness. We've applied that to create a new roundel, taking the weight out of the lettering and adapting the spacing. We've also straightened the word 'Lotus' so it's consistent with the Lotus wordmark," Clare explained. The new logo isn't a dramatic departure but for a company whose goal is simplicity, it is a welcomed change.