Lotus Evora 400 Will Be Sold In The US Despite Current Lotus Exile

And there may even be a price hike.

Lotus is slowly but surely getting itself back in the game. No, it won’t be a true Porsche alternative overnight but the spirit and will to do so clearly exists. As the UK sports carmaker continues to get its finances in order and essentially rebuild itself, it made its first significant product effort with the Evora 400. OK, so it’s really a facelift and not an outright redesign, but the improvements appear to be vast. And we can confirm the Lotus Evora 400 will come to the US as a 2016 model.

At the moment, US Evora sales are on hold for model year 2015 for safety reasons. Specifically, the outgoing Evora doesn’t have "smart airbags," a new federal safety requirement. Lotus didn’t haven’t the money to invest in the upgrade. Instead, that money went towards Evora 400 development. We say it’s money very well spent. Official pricing hasn’t been announced, but we’ve heard through the grapevine that UK prices are to set go up by as much as 10 percent compared to the old Evora S. That may not be the wisest thing to do considering the Evora S was never a huge seller, certainly nowhere near (really, not even close) to Porsche sales figures.

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