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Lotus Evora to Make Triumphant US Return in 2016?

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Only this time it would have US compliant airbags.

After months of near silence, there's been a decent amount of news coming from Lotus over the past couple of weeks. From rumors of an eventual SUV and sedan, the likely layoff of a quarter of its workforce, to the Evora being dropped in the US next year, we're just hoping Lotus is getting its act together. We'd absolutely hate to see it fail, as would just about everyone else. But back to the Evora bit: according to Jalopnik, who received email confirmation from Lotus's North America CEO, the Evora will return to the US in 2016.

It's being dropped for the coming model year because the automaker didn't want to invest in "smart airbags," a new federal requirement for added safety. It just doesn't have the cash at the moment. However, as part of its turnaround plan, a fully US compliant Evora will return for model year 2016. It's still unconfirmed whether the '16 Evora will be more or less the same as the current car or a complete redesign. Whatever the case turns out to be, we're happy to hear this. We're all rooting for you, Lotus. Make things happen.

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