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Lotus Exige

The Lotus Exige is the hard-top version of the Elise. It was launched in 2000 and features a Toyota built 1.8 liter turbo-charged four-cylinder engine producing 240 hp and mated to a six-speed manual. To differentiate further from the Elise, it has different fiberglass panels on the body along with a more extensive rear spoiler, which reduces drag. There are absolutely no luxury features in the Exige. Not even air conditioning as this not the purpose of the car.

It was designed and built for only one place: the race track. The basic equation for this Exige (and for Lotus in general) is light weight and more power. In order to make this happen, every bit of power is added to its small engine and extensive use of lightweight materials are used throughout. With a base price of $49,000, the Exige is the perfect weekend racer for those who are serious about amateur motor racing.

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