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Lotus Has Just Dropped A More Hardcore Version Of The Exige V6 Cup

It's faster and only 50 will be made.

Lotus has a crazy plan to become relevant in the automotive world again. The first part of said plan is to make an SUV, which isn't so crazy. The crazy part seems to hinge on rolling out limited edition models designed to tear up the track while telling comfort and everyday drivability to go to hell. We recently saw an example of this strategy with the track-focused 3-Eleven and now Lotus brings us the street-legal Exige 360 Cup. This is a more powerful version of the Exige V6 Cup, which we called the “ultimate Lotus” when it came out last year.

So, does that make the Exige 360 Cup the “ultimate, ultimate Lotus”? Well, it is more powerful, with 10 extra horsepower thanks to the addition of a sport exhausts and a freer flowing induction system. It does however retain the aero package from the Exige V6 Cup. There are some exterior elements unique to this model, such as its bespoke and lightweight front access panel and rear tailgate along with its louvered panel. As you’d expect with any Lotus the Exige 360 Cup is a skinny minny, weighing in at 2,491 pounds, which makes its 355-hp engine feel all the more powerful. Only 50 of these will be made and each one will start at £62,995 (almost $99,000 USD) in the UK.

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