Lotus Has Nurburgring Lap Record In Its Sights With All-New Sports Car

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And there are more updated models to come.

Consider it make or break time for Lotus. Really, the British carmaker needs to finally get its act together, build relevant and competitive performance sports cars once again, or it's over. Trust us, we also don't like the thought of that happening. The recent reveal of the Lotus Evora 400 is a good start, but it's still not quite enough, especially when compared to the competition, specifically from Porsche. Obviously a genuine Porsche fighter built from the ground up will take more time.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales, in a recent conversation with Top Gear, made clear he's working on the issue. In fact, he's got a lot of things in the works. For example, Gales stated that "any car we launch in the next two years will be lighter and faster than its predecessor." To clarify, he's referring to updated versions of the Elise, Exige, as well as the Evora, which will also spawn a roadster. "The cars will be very advanced, but have nothing superfluous. They might lose some of the ride comfort they have now, though an Evora will still be comparable to a Porsche 911 in ride comfort." Gales also indicated a 2-Eleven successor is also upcoming. It will be the most expensive Lotus by far, and will have around 400 hp and weigh just under 1,990 pounds.

This is the car Gales says "will be the fastest road car around the Nurburgring." We're stoked, and yes, Lotus plans to still continue using the familiar Toyota V6, but with an in-house built "supercharger and management, for fantastic noise and response."


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