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Lotus is Finally Planning an Evora Update Next Year

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Expect to see the best-handling naturally aspirated sports car on the market.

Lotus is in the midst of significant changes. The reborn Esprit is dead, production line layoffs are about to happen, and money is tight. But not all is lost. Newly minted CEO Jean-Marc Gales has vast experience in the industry, having worked in top management at Volkswagen before going on to become Peugeot-Citroen chief. But since he was a kid he's been a Lotus enthusiast and he has absolutely zero intention of allowing the company to fall under his watch.

While there has been talk of a potential Lotus SUV and sedan in the coming years, there's currently one model that's in desperate need of an update: the Evora. And in a recent discussion with Autocar, Gales indicated a heavily revised Evora will debut at Geneva in March. It'll supposedly feature changes inside and out and will be roughly 15 percent more powerful and weigh even less than the current version. Gales even believes the updated 2015 Evora will beat Porsches for performance. What's more, a lightweight Evora Cup range is also on the way. And have no worries because Gales is absolutely committed to simplicity and lightness. Chapman would be pleased.

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