Lotus is Still Serious About Doing a Sedan and SUV

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If it worked for Porsche, why not for Lotus as well?

Only a couple of days ago we learned that Lotus could be on the brink of firing nearly a quarter of its workforce due to cost-cutting measures. Sad as that is, there could be some light at the end of the tunnel, for Lotus the company at least. The Hethel, UK-based sports car maker's CEO, Jean-Marc Gales, still wants to continue with the Lotus philosophy of lightness, dynamic driving, and unique designs. He also doesn't see any reason why those values can't be utilized for segments other than sports cars.

Are we talking about a potential Lotus sedan and/or SUV here? Just look at Porsche and what it's done with the Cayenne, Panamera, and now the Macan. And on a positive note, Lotus sales so far this year are up by 46 percent. The goal is to sell 2,000 units in 2013, mainly in Europe. Several new dealerships have recently opened in Europe and there are plans to have a total of 20 in the next few months. Lotus would like to see 3,000 cars sold per year in the near future. Gales says he's fully certain that Lotus can get back on track, though it won't be easy. But a new sedan, possibly similar to the Eterne Concept, is very much something we'd be interested in seeing happen.

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