Lotus Launches New Evija Configurator Just For Fans

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So many colors!

With the Lotus Evija, the British carmaker is taking a significant leap into the world of pure-electric supercars, and setting the stage for a zero-emission future. Back in April, news broke that Lotus's next gas-powered car would most likely be its last. So, even with a planned production run of just 130 units, the Lotus Evija is a pretty big deal.

Now, the iconic British sports car manufacturer has launched an online configurator for Evija fans, allowing them to customize the $2.2-million supercar with different paint colors, accent colors, and wheel designs until they've arrived at the build that's just right for them.


Now, this isn't the same high-tech configurator that actual customers will use to spec their cars. We got a sneak peek of that system last month, which uses advanced visualization software to generate gorgeous, super-realistic renderings of the Evija. This is just the watered-down version for Evija fans.

Even still, it's easy to get carried away here. The configurator specifies five regular paint colors and ten premium hues, plus a total of 17 accent colors for the side channels and nose recesses. You can see that we specced ours in Ardent Green with Solaris Yellow accents - a classic Lotus color combo. And then, there are 18 different pin-stripe colors to choose from.


More impressively, there are seven different wheel options, including two "Aero" wheel designs that appear to be geared toward channeling cool air in at the brakes and drive motors. We couldn't help but spec ours with "Gold Origin" wheels, though.

We're hoping the Lotus Evija fan configurator will get more in-depth in the near future, letting fans select between different packages and interior palette options - not that we'll ever be able to afford the car anyway.

The Evija, which was first revealed back in July of 2019, is expected to enter production before the end of the year. It represents a tremendous technological leap for EVs, with a high-tech, ultra-fast-charging 70-kWh battery pack developed with Williams Advanced Engineering, and some of the most sophisticated aerodynamics ever featured on a road car.

Source Credits: Lotus Configurator

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