Lotus On Track To Make Full Recovery Sooner Than Expected

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Yes, there's still a long way to go, but...

For far too long now, Lotus has been a company that's struggled to consistently post a profit. And, even though the British sports car maker is close to finishing in the black for this financial year, there's still plenty of points on this checklist that need ticking off before Lotus' future is definitely secured. Thankfully, as Auto Express reports, it does appear that Lotus is making good progress on its journey to long-term financial stability.

Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales has revealed the sports car maker was making good progress. Though July was a bit of an anomaly for its UK new car registrations (a grand total of one vehicle for the entire month), Lotus is reportedly in a place where the company can "reliably sell 300 to 350 cars per annum", with global sales targets in excess of 2,000 units. Admittedly, the latter target isn't a big leap for the firm at first glance (Lotus was already achieving said figure, after all), but for a company of Lotus' tiny status and market share, that's nothing to be sniffed at in the slightest.

Of a more reassuring note, Lotus is now in a 'positive cashflow' position, where the money it's investing is entirely dosh that Lotus has earned on its own. Likewise, quality control measures have now resulted in a reduction of warranty claims - an important thing, for such a small car company (NSU infamously went out of business in part due to warranty claims on the Ro80's faulty rotary engines). Factor in Lotus' acknowledgement that it needs a volume model like an SUV (even though no final decision on whether to greenlight such a car has been made yet), as well as juicy engineering partnerships, and it's slowly looking like Lotus will eventually be back to standing on its own two feet sooner than we may have expected.


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