Lotus Racing Reveal New Evora GTC


Honed on Lotus’ Hethel Test Track, the new GTC has already found its first customers.

With flared wheel arches, less weight, more rubber and new technology, the new GTC delivers more speed and better grip than the race-winning GT4 Evora Enduro. The GT4 Enduro's engine and gearbox have been carried over to the GTC, but the car has dropped 30kg thanks to carbon-fiber doors, roof and engine cover and Plexiglass windows. Depending on specs, it weighs in at 1,130-1,140kg. Traction control and BOSCH racing Anti-Lock Brakes system now feature in order to optimize power delivery and braking control.

Wider wheels and tires gives the car more grip through the corners, and to accommodate them Lotus has fitted flared arches which add to the car's already aggressive silhouette without hampering the aerodynamics. The 4.0-liter V6 continues to generate 450hp and 339lb-ft of torque, sending power to the wheels via an XTRAC six-speed sequential paddle-shift transmission. Louis Kerr, Senior Motorsport Engineer, Group Lotus: "The GTC is faster than the GT4 Enduro even though the powertrain remains the same."

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McMahon Raceworks with Condor Motorsport has already placed an order for an Evora GTC, which they plan to enter in America's Grand-Am road races, the Rolex Sports Car Series.