Lotus Racing to Grand-Am with new Evora GX


Evora gets a new racing specification for the Rolex Sports Car Series.

As ambitious as Lotus has been with its expansive product plans, the guys over in the racing division have been working just as hard. Over the past few years, the British automaker has branched out into Formula One, IndyCars, Le Mans and countless other racing series. And now it is entering one more. That championship is the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, a form of racing specific to the United States and organized by the same people behind NASCAR.

Similar to the way American open-wheel racing is centered around the Indianapolis 500 and endurance racing is built around Le Mans, Grand-Am is focused on the 24 Hours of Daytona. Lotus is gearing up to take part, and has here is the car with which they plan to do so. Called the Evora GX, the new racer is, as you might have guessed, based on the Evora and complies to the Rolex series new GX rules. Upgrades over the stock model include carbon-fiber doors, roof and engine cover, plexiglass windows, a full roll cage and race-spec aero kit with a new front splitter and bumper, wider wheels with Continental racing slicks and a series-mandated rear wing.

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The Evora GX has no traction control or ABS to keep the 4.0-liter V6 with its 440 horsepower in check, just a spritely 1,150 kg curb weight, an Xtrac sequential transmission and raw driver's skill. Lotus is offering the Evora GX to privateer teams at $335,000 a pop.