Lotus Ready To Introduce Its First-Ever Electric SUV

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We now know when it will debut.

The Lotus Emira, the brand's first all-new sports car in ages, has just touched down in America to take on Porsche. It's an exciting new offering that is sure to attract new fans to the brand, but where Lotus really needs to make a big impression is with its future electric vehicles. A few months ago, the British automaker teased four new EVS and has since been giving us little tidbits of information on what to expect. Most recently, we got a teaser of the Type 132 electric SUV, and the marketing campaign for the exciting new offering is ramping up. Below is the latest Lotus teaser, and it announces that the Type 132 will be revealed in the spring of 2022.

Lotus Lotus

The Type 132 makes sense as the first new EV to arrive from the reinvigorated marque, since SUVs have already proven to be massive moneymakers for other niche automakers like Porsche with the Cayenne and Aston Martin with the DBX. Factor in the resounding success of an electric crossover like the Tesla Model Y, and you can see that launching a zero-emissions SUV is a no-brainer. As we saw from the new model's first teaser, the SUV will get active shutters in its front lower grille for better cooling and "enhanced frontal aerodynamics," says Lotus, but it's the powertrain that we're most interested in.

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Powering the Type 132 will be a choice of various batteries ranging in size from 82-120 kWh. The new platform, called the Lotus Premium Architecture, will allow for 800-volt high-speed charging that should enable a recharge to 80% from empty in roughly 20 minutes. The 0-60-mph sprint should take around three seconds, so the first Lotus EV of this new range will be seriously competitive. Once it arrives with a new name next year, we can look forward to a four-door coupe in 2023, a bigger SUV in 2024, and an all-new sports car in 2026. We can't wait to meet all the new members of the Lotus family.

Lotus Lotus

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