Lotus Recalls Elise/Exige for Oil Line Issue

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An oil line prone to disengage could cause Lotus sportscars to catch fire or skid out of control.

Automakers and safety administrators are constantly issuing recalls. Most of them pass over our desk and straight to the garbage can with barely a notice. But when there's an exotic sportscar involved…well that's a different story. This latest notice involves Lotus and its Elise and Exige models – or in other terms, the bulk of its product range… everything except the Evora. The problem apparently revolves around an oil line that is prone to detach itself.

The oil line could spray oil on to the tires (which could cause the vehicle to skid) and the engine (which could make it catch fire). The problem affects some 546 cars built in 2007 and 2008 – 451 of which are in the US and 95 in Canada. (It's likely relevant to Lotuses in other markets as well, but the notice is for North America). In related news, Porsche is recalling its new 911 in Canada due to potential cracks in the tailpipe that could cause the muffler to fall off. The recall affects 111 units of the MY2013 Carrera and Carrera 4, and may soon extend to US models as well.

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