Lotus Takes Next Step At Becoming A Sports Car Powerhouse

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Great things will come from this place.

Off the back of its best sales year in a decade, Lotus has another big announcement that'll please fans and sports car lovers alike. It might not seem like a big deal at first but the facility formerly known as the Geely Design Studio in Warwickshire, UK has received a new and much more appropriate name, the Lotus Tech Creative Centre Limited (LTCC).

Headed up by design director Ben Payne, the LTCC will play a major role in the legendary brand's revival as all future models will be styled here. Lotus, now owned by China's Geely, will soon have a new factory in Wuhan, China. The Hethel facility, home of the all-new Emira and Evija all-electric hypercar, will remain open.

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Geely's investment in Lotus also includes the Lotus Tech Innovation Centre in Raunheim, Germany. The next vehicle assigned to the LTCC is the Type 132, the brand's first-ever SUV. It'll be followed by the Type 133 four-door sports car and a smaller SUV, the Type 134, in the next few years. All three will be fully electrified.

"More than just a traditional automotive design studio, the LTCC philosophy is inspired by the mindset of start-ups and creative agencies - open, progressive, and pioneering," Payne said. "Our vision is to nurture a culture for diverse creative minds to meet and empower each other beyond the classic automotive structures and processes."

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The LTCC will work extremely closely with their design team counterparts in Hethel, led by Russell Carr. Carr and his team already have their next assignment: the Type 135 all-electric sports car, a smaller and more affordable alternative to the Evija. Both design studios are overseen by Peter Horbury who became Senior Vice President of Lotus Design in September. Lotus is moving ahead quickly with its new lineup.

Last month, it officially announced the retirement of three icons: the Elise, Exige, and Evora. The Elise had been in continuous production since 1996, making it one of Lotus' most successful models of all time, along with the Elan, built from 1962 thru 1975.


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