Lotus Teases A New Emira Variant Arriving Tomorrow

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It looks like Lotus is returning to its motorsport roots.

Way back in July of 2021, Lotus unveiled the all-new 2022 Emira sportscar, signaling a return to form for the iconic British brand. It looks fantastic and sounds even better, but the same cannot be said for Lotus' releases since then. That's because the automaker has been focusing on its electrification strategy and flipping off its fans by releasing an electric SUV called the Eletre. It's not the only EV heading to our shores and is only the first of four electric offerings on the way. With so much talk this year of Lotus EVs, you'd be forgiven for thinking that there's no hope for the Lotus lover that likes loud engines. But a teaser posted on the automaker's Facebook page has now laid those worries to rest, teasing something we typically expect from Lamborghini and Ferrari.

Lotus Cars/Facebook Frontal Aspect Lotus Lotus
Frontal Aspect

The post specifically mentions the Lotus Emira and tells us that a new variant of the sports car will be revealed on May 5. That's tomorrow, in case you were wondering. So what can we glean from the scant information included in the post? Well, Lotus used an emoji depicting a checkered flag. From that, we can surmise that this is a car meant for the track. The driver, as blurry as the video is, clearly wears a helmet. It seems unlikely that Lotus is revealing a high-performance street-legal version of the existing Emira as orders only opened this month and the regular car only arrives in 2023.

Rear View Lotus Dashboard Lotus Driver Area Lotus Front View Lotus
Rear View
Driver Area
Front View

With all of these factors, it seems reasonable to presume that Lotus is preparing a race car version of the Emira. This could therefore be the antidote to Porsche's GT4 Clubsport racer. The GT4 category is blossoming these days, with BMW producing an M4 for the series, but Lotus has already shown us a GT4 race car. So we're back at square one. Either we're wrong about Lotus revealing a hardcore version of the Emira to sell to the general public or Lotus is keen on entering a new category of motorsport. Whatever the fact of the matter is, we'll know all come tomorrow. Keep your eyes peeled.

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Headlights On

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