Lotus Type 132 SUV Coming Packed With Cool Tech

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A new teaser arrives ahead of next year's reveal.

Lotus is finally out of financial trouble thanks to parent company Geely's deep pockets. Its new owner didn't waste any time getting things back on track. The Lotus Evija all-electric hypercar was the first to arrive, followed by the Emira. The Emira will also be the last combustion-engined Lotus ever. In August, the UK-based carmaker confirmed plans to launch four new EVs beginning in 2022.

The first will be the Type 132, which also happens to be the firm's first-ever SUV. And now the official teaser campaign for it has kicked off with a new video and teaser image.


What you're looking at is the SUV's lower grille section, specifically its active shutters for improved cooling and "enhanced frontal aerodynamics." The press release didn't provide any further details.

Set to be built on a new platform called the Lotus Premium Architecture, the Type 132 will reportedly reach 60 mph in about three seconds and battery sizes will vary from 92 to 120 kWh. Lotus also previously said it'll use an "advanced 800-volt high-speed EV charging system" enabling an empty to 80 percent recharge in around 20 minutes. A few other details we can make out from the new teaser show a carbon fiber front splitter and a cool-looking hexagon-shaped lower grille.


Following the Type 132 (expect a name change), Lotus aims to launch a four-door coupe in 2023 and an even larger SUV the following year. An all-electric sports car will come in 2026. We expect the Emira will still be on sale at that time though it's highly unlikely it'll stick around for as long as its predecessor. The just-retired Evora launched way back in 2009.

Like many other automakers, Lotus is aiming for an all-electric future. Those who buy an Emira will certainly be getting something special and, in many ways, historic. In any case, it's good to see Lotus finally healthy and back in business.

2020 Lotus Evija Front Angle View Lotus
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Front Angle View Lotus
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