Lotus Unveils The Fastest Elise Ever Made

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Thanks to less weight and more power.

The second-generation Lotus Elise has been in production since 2001. While it's been getting extremely long in the teeth, the British automaker has constantly updated the vehicle to keep up with the competition. Lotus has just taken a page from its previous cars with the Elise Cup 250 and has made the fastest Elise ever by following the sports car mantra: cut weight and add more power. Before you get too excited, the Cup 250 will not be sold in the US, which is a tragedy.

To make this hardcore sports car, Lotus used the already potent Elise Cup 220 and went to town. The automaker stripped off 46 lbs of weight and added 26 hp to the Elise's supercharged four-cylinder engine. Needless to say, this has made the Cup 250 into an animal. Thanks to the weight reduction and added power, the sports car can get to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and can lap Lotus' Hethel Test Track in 1 minute and 34 seconds. This makes the Cup 250 the fastest road-legal Elise ever made. Enthusiasts looking for an even lighter Cup 250 can opt for a Carbon Aero Package that cuts weight by an additional 22 lbs. While the Cup 250 may be road legal, it's still engineered to decimate the track.


The Cup 250 utilizes the same suspension setup as the Cup 220 with Eibach coil springs, Bilstein dampers, double wishbones and an adjustable front anti-roll bar. For stopping power, the Cup 250 features AP Racing calipers in the front with Brembos in the rear. Sticky Yokohama Advan A048s ensure that the Cup 250 has plenty of grip in the corners. As a driver's car, the Cup 250 has a proper six-speed manual transmission, track-tuned ABS, ultralight forged alloy wheels and more. While Lotus doesn't plan to bring the Cup 250 to the US, the sports car will go on sale this April.


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