Lotus Will Soon Get Booted From US Streets

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Company's last street-legal car will become illegal to sell in 2015.

For fans of the Lotus brand who are eager to use their cars on the road and not only as track-day toys, the only current option is to buy an Evora. The company's other models – the Exige and Elise – have not been road-legal for a couple of years. But now it seems the Evora will soon disappear from our streets as well. In 2014, the company was given a 12-month reprieve to equip the car with smart airbags – something it has failed to do. Therefore, come January, it will not able to sell the Evora in the United States.

With only the Elise and Exige Cup to sell, Lotus will be losing its tiny foothold in the market, making it very difficult to survive against well-established competitors like Porsche. Will a future sedan or SUV help with a comeback, or will it be too late for the British carmaker? Time will tell, but it isn't working to the company's benefit.

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