Loud Supercar In London Gets BUSTED

Noisy supercars are no longer welcome in the capital.

With strict new laws in place in central London, this is going to become an increasingly common occurrence. After local residents complained of supercars making too much noise in their neighborhoods, police are now being encouraged to slap fines on any supercars that rev their engines, play loud music or rapidly accelerate in and around Kensington & Chelsea. And thanks to a local car spotter, we have footage of British cops doing exactly that.

When we say thanks, we mean the car spotter is partially to blame. Moments after the 458 revs loudly, blasting down the street, you see the driver arguing with the cops about the fine. Watch out for the policeman making a hilarious revving sound when trying to describe what the fine is for and listen to the car spotter admitting his guilt. Hat tip to Daniel!

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