Love It Or Hate It, This Franken-Miata Will Make You Stare

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Just watch for pebbles because this car doesn't know what ground clearance is.

Human beings are a diverse and capable species. We built the pyramids and put man on the moon, but we're also the same species that made the Kardashians famous. A car like the Mazda Miata counts as one of our triumphs, but what goes up must come down. Aiding this Miata's downfall is an owner who decided to butcher the sports car and create a rolling atrocity, all in the name of shock value. With the car cambered and slammed, it hardly retains any of the drivability of its legendary Miata donor.

Even though this Miata will collect as many haters as it attracts onlookers, you have to give it to the owner because it is still a fun mobile, and that's the entire point of a Miata.

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