BMW M4 Gets New Stealth Aero Kit

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But is it enough to "fix" that grille?

There's generally two schools of thought when it comes to controversial cars. Some try to fix it. We've seen that already, with brands like Vorsteiner stepping up to de-ugly the BMW M3's massive new grille. Then there's the other side of the fence. The newest G82 M4 is easily the most aggressive ever, from the huge maw to the warlike slashes, bulges, and strakes running from the BMW badge in the front to the BMW badge in the back.

Some, like Avante Design, have leaned into that aggressive look, and now so has Japanese aero and body kit builder 3D Design. Think of the brand's new aero kit as a sort of OEM+ upgrade over the standard visual fixings you get from BMW when you buy a new M4.

3D Designs 3D Designs 3D Designs 3D Designs

Critically, 3D Design has chosen to leave that grille as is, slapping no more than the required font plate over BMW's buck teeth. The rest of the car, however, sports a totally new and far more aggressive look. We think we know which school of thought 3D Design sides with. The total package comes with a new front lip, lower canards and splitters, side skirts, a new rear diffuser, rear side bumper trim, and finally, a new decklid spoiler. All parts are done in carbon fiber to keep the weight to a minimum.

While it doesn't look all that different on the black BMW M4 in the photos, we imagine the look will stand out quite a bit more with some brighter paintwork. We'd go with BMW's Isle of Man Green if you're asking. It should be noted that the car you see has been lowered and fitted with aftermarket wheels, a must to complete the new, more aggressive stance.

3D Designs 3D Designs 3D Designs 3D Designs

While the new BMW look certainly isn't for everyone, it's good to see some leaning into it rather than trying to fix it. BMW doesn't show any signs of toning down its design language, and having some options for those looking to lean into that is no bad thing. Cars are about customization, and the more options buyers have, the happier we are. Well, at least until BMW changes the grille.

3D Designs 3D Designs 3D Designs 3D Designs

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